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A real time marketing platform that increases marketing performance by delivering more relevant, joined up user journeys across digital advertising and content.

Through the Fast Thinking platform audiences can be targeted according to their profiles or behaviours and shown tailored communications that evolve based on the way they interact with the brand. Building on the platform Fast Thinking have developed pioneering real time marketing services including ‘Intelligent Retargeting’ and ‘Real Time Storytelling’ that have increased ROI by 354% and engagement by 700%.

An interview with our founder Nick Ellsom on the digital future for big agencies

The Digital Future - What Does It Hold For Big Agencies? The market is strong with this one. All this talk of digital futures and changing markets makes me think about Star Wars. It doesn’t look as though anyone’s going to invent a lightsaber, but there are some drastic changes occurring in…

Read more | Posted on Jul 25, 2014



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