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First In-Store Remarketing Program Utilizing The Fast Thinking Platform

Heal’s, a British furniture and furnishing store chain known for promoting modern design and providing the highest quality designer furniture and service, have announced the results from their first in-store Remarketing Program powered by CloudTags and Fast Thinking.

CloudTags were awarded the Heal’s business in 2014 and were tasked to create a connected store that would be seamless across both physical and digital customer experiences.

In response to Heal’s brief, CloudTags put interactive mobile tablets into the hands of its shoppers and Heal's design consultants. The aim was to create a connected store experience to generate digital exploration, in addition to increasing opt-in customer identification. The CloudTags data platform enabled in-store shoppers to explore an extended range of different colours, sizing, and availability that may only be offered online. At the end of the experience, the customer can choose to opt-in via an email address. For those who opt-in, Heal’s activates personalised content to re-engage them with across email and retargeted display ads related to the exact products that they looked at in the physical store using the Fast Thinking platform.

The Remarketing Partnership Increased Heal's AOV By 3x

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By collecting online data stored from the shoppers who had an in-store experience in Heal’s in Autumn 2014, CloudTags was able to re-engage shoppers with dynamic, personalised display ads when they visited other websites. By working with real time marketing platform Fast Thinking, CloudTags and Heal’s were able to identify these shoppers online after their in-store visit, achieving the following results:

- 11% click-through rate (16x greater than an average online remarketing ad campaign)
- 3x increase in average order value from shoppers
- 83% of shoppers that entered their email address were previously unknown in the Heal’s CRM database

Oliver White, Multi-Channel Director at Heal’s, commented, “as the first retailer utilising In-Store Remarketing as part of our omnichannel strategy, we’ve seen astonishing results. Physical store shoppers who opt-in for personalised digital reminders and recommendations have been spending three times more than the average online customer. We’re excited to have expanded these services across all of our stores.”

James Yancey, CEO at CloudTags added, with In-Store Remarketing, retailers can now combine the immersive experience of the physical store with hyper-targeted, personalised digital communications to re-engage them afterward. Combining the two is a powerful result that influences omnichannel buying behaviours.” This was echoed by Fast Thinking’s Founder Nick Ellsom, who concluded, “we firmly believe there is a better way to use remarketing that treats it more akin to CRM, keeping consumers engaged and maximizing the value of the ongoing relationship created. As such extending the in-store experience for Heal’s online via our platform is the type of future facing challenge that we were keen to embrace. The opportunities created by continuing the conversation after a visit to a store are huge, as demonstrated by the incredible response rates we saw and the insights we were able to glean.”