More relevant marketing is More profitable marketing

Increase the relevance of your marketing by designing tailored user journeys and personalised content

Marketing with intelligence

Our real time marketing services utilise the Fast Thinking platform to help you segment your audience, design tailored user journeys for each segment and create personalised content. This enhanced user relevance delivers greater performance for your business.

Acquisition Retargeting

  • Increase conversion rates and maximise order values
  • Up-sell and cross-sell to in-market customers
  • Create advocacy post-purchase to drive acquisition

Retention Retargeting

  • Segment your customer base and deliver an ongoing tailored communications programme to them
  • Integrate your advertising with your CRM to maximise customer lifetime value

Live Stories

  • Tell stories that alter in real time to deliver the most relevant experience possible
  • Adjust the stories according to live data including weather, social buzz, price points, sales volumes, stock levels and more

Tailored Stories

  • Create tailored stories for each target audience
  • Evolve stories based on the way people engage with your brand over time
  • Test and refine journeys to maximise performance

Audience Intelligence

  • Profile your customers to find out who they are, how they behave and their value to your business
  • Make smarter customer segmentation using these insights to better target your communications and monitor their effectiveness

User Journey Intelligence

  • Identify the different types of user journeys taken by each customer segment across your advertising and website
  • Measure the value of each user journey and the impact of refining these over time

Content Intelligence

  • Identify how each customer segment engages with your content
  • Measure the value of each type of content and the impact of changes made to the content

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